ZERO: Infinite Possibilities

ZERO: Infinite Possibilities is a group exhibition featuring 15 renowned artists, whose works challenge our perception of reality by merging art with science, creating a renewed harmony between man and nature, and restoring art at the metaphysical dimension.


Curated by Curatorial X, a Paris basedcuratorial collective agency specializing in the development of interactive museum exhibitions to launch a cyber dialogue, #Interference brought together a collection of artworks by artists of diverse backgrounds, age groups and techniques. The exhibition explored their individual relationships with the world that surrounds them, taking into consideration present-day realities.

Natures Duet

Jorge Mayet and Daisuke Ohba, two internationally acclaimed and award winning contemporary artists, are prime representatives of the range and diversity existing in the world of artistic expressions as they dazzle with their contrasting techniques, vision and influences. Nature’s Dueat brings these two remarkable visionaries together through their quest to portray a common theme: elements of the natural world.

Memories of Destruction

The Farjam Foundation presented selected works from Aydin Aghdashloo from The Farjam Collection. Distinguished as "Maestro" in Iran, Aydin Aghdashloo’s multifaceted career has been a driving force behind the mid 20th century artistic and cultural renaissance within Iran. Memories of Destruction is Aghdashloo's most famous series. The series covers universal themes, from magnificent objects and excellent paintings, to young and proud faces that believe glorious times will continue for eternity, and those wrinkled, crumpled, broken and ruined visages that are signs of our unavoidable future.

In Memory of Farideh Lashai

As Iran’s leading female artist, Farideh Lashai paved the way for a global appreciation of an Iranian cultural aesthetic and enabled the flourishing of female Middle Eastern art witnessed today. The show highlighted her artistic genius through an array of early and late paintings.


In collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme, The Farjam Foundation put together a show of established and emerging Middle Eastern Artists. The participating artists generously donated each one of the exquisite works on display. The exhibition featured a visually stimulating collection of contemporary paintings, sculpture, and calligraphy. 

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was a huge network of trade arteries splitting and converging across the breadth of Eurasia. The Farjam Foundation selected specific pieces for the exhibition from The Farjam Collection, to highlight a number of cultures and artistic innovations ranging from the Persian to the Japanese Empires. 


A solo show from Shirin Aliabaid, with works selected from The Farjam Collection. The exhibition encompassed works from five distinct series – Miss Hybrid, City Girls, Girls in Cars, Eyes Only, and Glamour Girls.

Jazz From Paradise

The exhibition showcased Miri Creation contemporary carpet masterpieces from The Farjam Collection. The Miri Renaissance began in 1988 and served as the catalyst for many changes in the field of this hand-knotted art in Iran over the last two decades.

Chants From Paradise 

 The exhibition showcased a selection of Safavid carpets from The Farjam Collection. The Safavid Dynasty united Persia in the